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Train future generations.

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Teachers serve as leaders within the educational team to plan lessons, support school administration, communicate with parents and lead students in a lifelong journey of learning. 

Certified teachers are needed throughout the country to teach in a variety of classroom and school settings, or even to serve in administrative or support staff roles.

Why become a teacher?

  • Teaching is an opportunity to change lives.
  • Teachers are needed, in both public and private schools, to be caring, passionate educators.
  • Be a lifelong learner.

The first year of teaching was exhausting. When one of my education professors came to visit, I almost burst into tears. It means the world for her to continue to support me even after I graduated.

Debbie Campos
2017 graduate teaching at Buena Vista Adventist School in Washington.
photo Debbie Campos

In-classroom experiences helps confirm your calling

If you love seeing the light of understanding ignite in a child’s eyes and want to dedicate your life to strengthening that spark into a passion for learning, then the education program at Union College may be the perfect fit for you.

Why study at Union College?

  • You focus on the elementary grades or you choose one or two subject endorsements to teach at the high school level
  • At George Stone Elementary, a one-of-a-kind lab school right on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to start observing, assisting and teaching classes in a multi-grade classroom environment.
  • As an education major, you will complete more than 100 hours of in-classroom experience at local Adventist and public schools before you even begin student teaching during your senior year.
  • Graduates of the education program earn both Nebraska and North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD) teaching certificates, allowing you to teach at a public or private school in Nebraska, or at an Adventist school anywhere in North America. Having a Nebraska state teaching license helps you to be eligible to acquire a license in other states (the reciprocity is strong).
  • The education program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), ensuring a high standard of quality.

As a Union student, I saw how education can be a powerful tool for touching lives with Christ’s love. I learned to be a practical Christian and live my calling through teaching. I want my students to find a college where they can grow on their journey with Christ and learn from their mistakes along the way. I bring students to visit Union every year because that’s the place Union was for me.

Loralee Mendez
2000 graduate teaching at Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Michigan.
photo Loralee Mendez

Majors and minors

Union College offers the following education degrees:

Elementary education—four-year bachelor of science degree
Guide: 2021-2022

Secondary (high school) education (4-year bachelor of science)

Music education

Biology Education (guide: 2021-2022)

Vocal music education for K-12 (4-year bachelor of science) (guide: 2021-2022)

Chemistry Education (guide: 2021-2022)

4-year Bachelor of 

Music (emphasis in instrumental or keyboard for K-12) (guide: 2021-2022)

English Education (guide: 2021-2022)

4-year Bachelor of Music (emphasis in vocal for K-12) (guide: 2021-2022)

History Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Language Arts Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Science Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Mathematics Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Religious Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Social Science Education (guide: 2021-2022)


Career options

Elementary school teacher

Instruct young students in basic subjects, such as math and reading, in order to prepare them for future schooling.

Job outlook
7% growth (average)

Median pay

Special education teacher

Use your Union education degree to prepare yourself for a graduate program in Special Education. Work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.

Job outlook
8% growth (average)

Median pay

School principal

Your education degree from Union, plus experience and even graduate school work in administration can help prepare you to be a principal. Coordinate curriculums, oversee teachers and other school staff, and provide a safe and productive learning environment for students.

Job outlook
8% growth (average)

Median pay

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